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Secondary Phone Number: (662) 809-5078

Email: brittanyreed93@yahoo.comObjective I strive to provide effective assistance to the public. I ensure equity and professionalism in every manner when it comes to helping others and in my line of work as a law enforcement officer. Being a first responder is an important duty when it comes to working with the public and maintaining integrity in high stressed situations. I intend on seeking more knowledge and experience in law enforcement and policing generally. Experience

  1. Ruleville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center:

Location: 800 Stansel Drive Ruleville MS, 38771

Phone Number: (662) 756-4361

Job Title: Housekeeping

Job Duties: Cleaning and laundry were the everyday duties. I cleaned rooms and washed clothing, bed settings, etc.

Duration: 2 years

  1. Mississippi Delta Community College Law Enforcement Training Academy:

Location: 289 East Cherry Street, Moorehead MS

Phone Number: (662) 246-6436

Job Title: Certification for Law Enforcement

Job Training: 12 weeks of physical fitness and basic training

Duration: 11 weeks (COVID-19/class: B66) (07/2020-10/2020)

  1. Greenwood Police Department

Location: 406 Main Street Greenwood MS, 38930

Phone Number: (662) 453-3311

Job Title: Police Officer (Patrol)

Job Duties: Patrolling, answering calls, assisting the public, completing necessary paperwork, court, arrest, and responding to emergency/911 calls, etc.

Duration: 1 year-current employer

Starting Date: Jan. 2020Education

  1. Ruleville Central High School:
  1. Ruleville MS, 38771
  2. Location: 360 L.F. Packer Drive Ruleville MS,
  3. Phone Number: (662) 756-4757
  4. GPA: 2.9
  5. Alcorn State University:
  1. Location: 1000 ASU Drive Lorman MS 39096
  2. Phone Number: (601) 877-6100
  3. Completed: Fall 2014-Spring 2016
  4. GPA (2014-2016): 3.25
  5. Delta State University:
  1. Location: 1003 West Sunflower Road Cleveland MS, 38733
  2. Phone Number: (662) 846-3000
  3. Completion of Undergraduate: Fall 2016-Spring 2019
  4. GPA: (2016-2019): 3.23
  5. Delta State University: Current
  1. Classification: Graduate Program
  2. Duration: 3 semester-in progress
  3. GPA: 3.24


  1. Computer Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Organization Skills
  4. Time Management Skills
  5. Work Ethic
  6. Critical Thinking skills
  7. Leadership skills
  8. Easy to adapt


Name: Dr. Arlene Sanders

Company: Delta State University

Duration: 3+years

Phone Number: (662) 931-4758

Name: Ashleigh Brooks

Company: Alcorn State University

Duration: 6+ years

Phone Number: (601) 334-9140

Name: Martellis Wright

Company: Greenwood Police Department

Duration: 1+ years

Phone Number: (662) 441-8017

Name: Terrence Craft

Company: Greenwood Police Department

Duration: 1+ years

Phone Number: (662) 588-1923

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