Modern Day Cinderella Story

My Modern-Day Cinderella Story P3 Language Arts It was pouring outside. Not just pouring, that word doesn’t suffice how much water was aimlessly falling from the sky and crashing to the ground with every footstep that Ella Kess took on her way home. Today was the day that seven years ago her parents died in a plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean. It was strange, how she had to live on after the death, but she pulled through with the help of her best friend Kylee Lainer. She would have been okay this year too but they were not friends anymore.
They had grown up together, friends since age three but when they reached high school Kylee became a different person, got new friends, and left Ella alone. After their breakup as BFFLs, Ella’s so called friends dropped like flies. She figured it was because they liked Kylee not her, but this didn’t bother Ella, she never liked them anyway. She reached her uncles condo right before the thunder started to roar. She dashed in the building and walked right over to the elevator without bothering to say hello to the front desk manager, Gary, who had been her mentor since her parent’s death.
He was an older guy, probably in his 70’s, but he knew a lot and told her stories of when he was a child and these things kept her calm. She knew he would understand that she didn’t want to talk. Ella pushed the up button and the elevator doors opened. She walked in and saw Drew Hawthorne. Drew just wasn’t ANY guy, she had liked him ever since he stole her crayons in kindergarten. He threw a lopsided smile in her way and said “hey”. “Hi” was the best she could muster. Conversation wasn’t her thing, especially right here, right now. The trip from the lobby up to the penthouse level seemed like it would go on forever.

Drew had lived in the other penthouse since about the time her parents died. Ella was convinced that one day they would get married and have three children, two girls and one boy. She had already named them anyway. Her fairytale ended right when the Kylee, knowing that Ella and Drew we’re in the pre-dating stage (in other words, neither of them we’re planning on asking the other out), asked Drew out herself. Kylee and Drew are still going out. The elevator finally made it to the top level of the high end condos and made a stop. “See you around. , Ella,” Drew said. “Um, yeah.
Have a nice weekend,” Ella replied trying to sound cheerful and happy. Tonight was the fairy queen parade. She never bothered to enter the contest, she just enjoyed watching the catty girls bring each other’s confidence down and argue over what color lipstick looks best on who. This year was going to be even more interesting because her two step-cousins, Regina and Carly, we’re entering. She would have too, but they made it clear that that wasn’t happening anytime soon. She walked past the kitchen and grabbed an apple on the way to her room. Her room was her sanctuary, her favorite place in the whole entire world.
It had amazing views of the city, Seattle, and from here she could pretend that she was on top of the world. “Can you like stop being so depressed, Ella. I swear to god if you ruin this weekend for Regina and me, you will suffer,” Carly hissed at her on the way to her own room. “Carly, don’t be so mean to her! ” Regina snapped. Regina is probably the closest thing to a sister Ella never had. She can be mean, but hey, at least she tries to be her friend. “Carly, chill. I’m not even entering and even if I was I doubt I would win,” Ella yelled to Carly down the hall. Regina came in and sat on her bed. Ella, I know that you just want to feel like you belong… and you do,” Regina said trying to cover up any of the pain she sees on Ella’s face. “Yeah, whatever. ” She shot back, knowing that she’ll get the signal. Ella didn’t want to talk. As she sat and thought about how much she wanted to enter, the desire got greater. Only one problem… she didn’t have a thing. She decided to go down to the lobby and ask Gary for advice. He would surely know what to do in a situation like this. “Hey Gary,” she said while trying to decided how to ask about all this without sounding needy. I need… a favor. ” “Hello there dear! Finally decided to enter the contest, eh? I knew you would and that is exactly why old Gary made a couple of calls and got you everything you needed, And remember kid, you go out there and win that thing and Drew will be yours. ” It’s like he read her mind. He knew exactly what she needed and why. This is why she liked Gary so much. But how’d he know about Drew? “Gary, thank you so much. But, how’d you know about Drew? ” “It’s extremely obvious. Now run along! ” and with that he handed her a large box.
She got back up to her room and with excitement bubbling in her blood she threw open the lid. Her mouth dropped. She reached in and pulled out the most beautiful blue dress her emerald eyes had ever seen. It wasn’t just any dress; it fit her body like a glove. The dark blue satin shined as she walked over to her mirror. The dress was elegant from head to toe. She walked back over to her bed and looked inside the box, discovering the silver heels, diamond necklace, and blue hair pin. This must have been Gary’s wife’s clothing. She died of cancer awhile back…
Ella guessed he never really got over it. “I look like a princess,” Ella thought aloud. She knew it was time to go now or she would miss the whole thing so she grabbed her mom’s silver shawl and headed out. Once she got to the parade, any bit of confidence she might have had, vanished. She didn’t know a thing about being pretty and she sure as heck wasn’t going to start learning now. “No. I’m not doing this,” Ella said to herself. But it was too late. From across the street she saw Carly and the other girls looking straight at her, the envy clear in their eyes. “GET OUT OF HERE!!! ” screamed Carly.
Gasps and awes escaped the mouths of the jealous contestants and Ella knew she needed to leave right then. She turned on her heels and ran, tears streaming down her face. She got so flustered and so panicked that to prevent her from being there any longer, took down her hair and threw her heels and blue hair pen on the sidewalk. She didn’t care who found them. And then she heard a voice. “Ella! Wait, stop running! ” the voice yelled. She immediately recognized it as Drew’s. Her Drew. She looked back, tears now streaming down her face and gave him the best smile she could. And then she was gone.
The next morning, Ella woke up to the sound of Carly’s voice drifting in from the kitchen. “I can’t believe she showed up AND ACTUALLY LOOKED PRETTY! ” Carly yelled “Well, you know it was bound to happen. I saw Drew looking the whole time. I went over there this morning and he said that he found a blue pin and silver shoes. He’s confident they belong to her, after all he went psycho on Facebook messaging almost every girl. ” Regina said. “He was looking for me” Ella thought. The next morning Ella decided to go down to Starbucks. She headed out into the hallway and pushed the down button.
And there he was, Drew, leaning calmly against the elevator railing. “Great,” Ella said under her breath. “You looked beautiful, Ella. I don’t know why you left,” And with that he pulled out the silver shoes and blue pin from behind his back. “I believe these are yours, are they not? ” Drew said flashing his lopsided smile. “Uh, yeah thank you” Ella stammered. “I broke up with Kylee” Drew choked out. And in that moment when they were both staring at each other intently, Drew realized she was his Cinderella and he was her Prince Charming. “I’ll buy you that drink if you be my girlfriend,” Drew teased. The End


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