Microbial Control

Microbial ControlAs you learn more about the growth and control of microbes this unit, you will probably become more aware of everyday occurrences around your house that are based on these principles. This unit your cleaning habits will be under scrutiny. More specifically, the labels on your favorite household cleaners will be. So, grab a couple of your favorite household cleaners, and get to work!Locate the labels of two household cleaning agents. List the names of the products as the first line of your post. For example: Lysol sanitizing wipes and Clorox Bleach.Briefly discuss where you would use this cleaner in your household.Note any “claims” on the label that may entice a shopper to buy the product. This could include things such as “kills 99.9% of household germs,” etc.Summarize the instructions on the back of the product. Does it have to be used full strength? How long should it be left on a surface to achieve its effectiveness?According to what you have learned, would your chosen products be considered a disinfectant, an antiseptic, a sterilizing agent, or none of the above? Would you be able to test this product using the use-dilution test? Why or why not?


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