Methodology for Developing Interactive Communication Channel Web Service

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Methodology for Developing Interactive Communication Channel Web Service. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length.

Scrum methodology encourages effective verbal communication amongst the various team members of the designers of the project under consideration. One of the major principles of Scrum methodology is its recognition that customers can change the various needs and requirements of their project (Sharkie and Fisher, 2013). On this basis, Scrum has a provision for allowing designers to change the designer and requirement of the project at any stage of its development. On this basis, Scrum methodology uses an empirical approach in developing programs and software for the customer.

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Methodology for Developing Interactive Communication Channel Web Service
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That is accepting the changing needs and requirements of customers, and laying an emphasis on the team’s ability to respond and deliver quickly on the various needs of customers. This method differs greatly from the waterfall methodology, because of its flexibility. Under the waterfall model, once a designer starts designing the project, there is no room for making changes in the project under consideration (Sharkie and Fisher, 2013). This is disadvantageous because customers might have changing requirements, making it impossible for these requirements to be factored in the development of their programs.

On this basis, the reason for using Scrum as opposed to the waterfall model is because it allows the designer to make changes in the design of his or her projects (Shaikh, 2012). When using Scrum to develop the website under consideration, there is a need of identifying all the necessary information about home carers, and the requirements the website needs to have. This is under the consideration that these requirements might change (Shaikh, 2012).The scrum model has a variety of advantages. Laplante and Ovaska (2012) denote that the sprint process in scrum makes it possible for the development of a program that is good enough making it possible to be sold during its process of development.


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