materials and manufacturing for civil engineering level 2

I need some assistance with these assignment. materials and manufacturing for civil engineering level 2 Thank you in advance for the help! On consideration of various features that define steel, industry players have utilized it in various construction projects in civil engineering at various levels, large and small. It is made through various techniques from pig iron. However, the goal of each technique is to obtain a fine granulated structure that has carbon as a chemical with iron in it. ( Chandigarh,2004) .The use of steel has evolved to its usage as the main structural material in the construction industry. As a result, more and more civil engineers are receptive to their use (Flaga 2000). This paper seeks to justify the use of steel in the construction industry by evaluating various parameters associated with it and the contemplation of the nature of the applied stress during its use.

Steel is an alloy of carbon, minute quantities of different elements as impurities, and iron. In her article LaRoche (2015) states that “Steel has many properties that make it a useful and essential building material”. Its strength and durability make it a great choice for structures exposed to high amounts of stress, such as weather, heat, large amounts of applied force, and constant usage”. The maximum amount of carbon in steel is capped at 1.5%, beyond which carbon and iron cannot combine. It is at the 1.5% amount that all of the carbon used in manufacturing steel completely combines with iron (Punmia, et al., 2003).

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materials and manufacturing for civil engineering level 2
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There are various kinds of steel and some of them can be explained as carbon steel, tools steel, and alloy steel. Carbon steel is one that has carbon as its main component with no other element as an alloy. The amount of carbon in plain carbon steel ranges from 0.01% to 1.5%. Of importance is the hardness and strength that steel gains from carbon. However, high carbon content leads to a reduction in the malleability and ductility of steel&nbsp.(Wadhawa & Dhaliwal, 2008). Tool steels are a king of steel that contains tungsten, cobalt, vanadium, and molybdenum in different quantities. This is done mainly to increase heat resistance and durability and this in turn makes the tool steel more ideal for drilling and cutting purposes. Another kind of steel is alloy steel consist of alloying elements like silicon, manganese, and copper in varying proportion and this, in turn, increases the durability, strength, and weldability of the metal. Here, it could be understood that these types of steels make potential building components and this can be elaborated further in the below section.

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