Mass Media in the Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama.

Need help with my writing homework on Mass Media in the Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The ability of the tech-savvy campaign team to cross-check the veracity of statements put out by rival campaigns as well, the rapid dissemination of information with rebuttals and clarifications when needed was instantaneous and this enabled them to “stay ahead of the curve”.

The increasing importance of the mass media has become apparent with each presidential election. When the first televised presidential debate was held on September 26, 1960, between the Democratic nominee, Senator John Kennedy (who later went on to become the president) and the Republican nominee, Vice President Nixon, it was a novelty of sorts. However, the debate between these two was thought to have played a decisive role in an otherwise closely fought election. The charismatic personality of Kennedy came across much better than Nixon and it was for the first time that television played a role in determining popular attitudes.

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Mass Media in the Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama.
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The mass media have since come a long way from the era of the televised debates to a situation where one candidate (Obama) goes on air directly and on all networks to buttress his point. And the fact that Obama could muster hundreds of millions in contributions from supporters via the net is a sign of things to come. And his ability to reach out in the initial days of his campaign where the mainstream media was not giving him much airtime is largely due to the internet and his deft use of tools like YouTube to spread his message. And with the growing usage of mobiles in the US, it may not be long before we have a situation where the next generation of the campaign may well be on the mobile telephony front given the advances in technology in this sphere.

&nbsp.Internet, however, has shaped and enhanced the effects of television It has quickly become an important medium of political communication that is rivaling television. The Internet is not&nbsp.yet television. it employs mostly text and still pictures but still plays a major role in shaping people’s opinions.&nbsp.

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