Marketing Communications

Advertising is a major marketing tool used by organizations to inform their target customers about the product and its offerings. Its uses are recognized to be very important for marketers around the world. This is the reason why firm spend millions of dollar for advertising their products and this multibillion dollar is flourishing. Marketing strategies that are made by marketers include advertising as their major component since its advantages, if used properly are enormous.

But now with a change in technology and the spontaneous change in consumer trends has forced the marketing tactics and plans to change and to adapt to the new environment. The whole trend is now changing from a push strategy by the organizations to make customers buy the product to a new pull strategy through which the customer is now attracted to the product offering of the organizations. This pull strategy is employed by many effective marketing campaigns around the globe, which recognize the effective use of advertising as a mode to market their products.

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Marketing Communications
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This turnaround concept of marketing has helped many companies to successfully increase their market chare efficiently and with optimal use of resources. Introduction: The research will be based on the use of the internet as a medium for marketers to use it as a purpose for advertisements. It will include the basic question that how effective internet based advertising is to the cause of marketers. Furthermore this will also include that how advertisement viewing on the web is measured. It will also focus on to what extent strategies are made to plant advertisement in various web pages at a given time period and on what scenarios.
Moreover the research will also include a comparative analysis of other mediums of advertising used by marketers and will give an analysis of those mediums also. The research tends to examine the significance of the internet to marketers. It will require a huge survey which will include one-on-one interviews with bloggers, marketers, advertisers and the end users (web surfers). The whole concept of this research is to provide the readers with a concrete and a conclusive result which can be used by them for different marketing purposes.
Moreover the research also tends to examine the ongoing trend of web based blogging which is also used by marketers to effectively advertise their products. Relation to previous research Advertising nowadays is a big challenge to marketers because of the changing consumer trends in the market. The dream of the marketer for the purpose of showing an advertisement is to get the objective of the advertisement fulfilled. This is because advertisement are divided into categories and each category has different objectives
The previous research was based on the overall advertising effectiveness which focused on the overall aspect of advertising as medium used to market products. It was based on the theories that define the purpose of advertising at different stages. Advertising is used by firm for the product when it is passing through different stages of the product life cycle which also calls for different advertising strategies and messages. For example, a new launch of a product will use more of an informative type of advertising and will introduce the product.
Moreover over it will also reflect upon why the customers need the product. Presently customers are stuffed with thousands of impressions to advertisements in the form of print ads, TV ads, billboards etc. And the most challenging situation faced by marketers around the globe is to make these ads viewed by the targeted customers. Due to the ongoing shift from TV to internet; which is use for gathering information, communication and surfing, marketers are now making strategies to make internet based advertising effective.
Now the sources have started to change from soaps, news etc to web based communication channels like messengers (MSN, Yahoo), websites (Fortune, TIME etc), social blogs (Face book, Twitter, MySpace) and search engines (Google, Amazon, Yahoo). Marketers now search for link that have a high viewing rate and then plant advertisement by buying spaces from these sources. The viewing rate depends on a number of factors. Its links to the time a particular target market is viewing the webpage, the kind of webpage, the kind of target market and other variables.
For example, before lunch hour timings will be most appropriate for restaurant and coffee houses like Starbucks who offer snacks, coffee etc, in business areas to place their ads in search engines, business and news web sites. This is because the number of professionals viewing these sites will be much more as compared to other timings. More over this will direct connect the advertisement to the target market and as it will have a face to face impression to the customer. This will be a more efficient way in terms of resources and effective in terms of viewing.
Proposed Methods: The research method that will be used in the thesis will be blend of qualitative as well as quantitative data analysis. The reason behind this is to examine the end users who use these web pages and to determine the quality of the web sites on which these ads are placed. Further it will also count the number of users who use these sites. As far as qualitative data analysis is concerned, the first task will be to conduct focus groups. Focus groups are used by researcher to get to know the opinion of the target market which is the sample used.
These opinions draw out a conclusion of the questions asked. So the focus groups will ask questions about certain types of web pages people use and the behavior response to different web pages which will give a clear picture about the perceptions of people. Second, in depth interviews will be conducted. The sample size will include bloggers, surfers, marketing journalists and marketers. These interviews will be looked upon to have a general idea about people who are directly related to internet marketing.
Third, questionnaires will be made and a survey will be conducted form the sample of the population to derive results. The questionnaires will be emailed to the people who are linked to the professional environment because it will be very difficult to conduct personal interviews with them. The whole idea will be to inform the participants about the survey to bring them under confidence. If the participant gets to know that there is some misinformation, he or she would either refuse to participate, hesitant to give answers of if he gives answers, then they won’t be correct
Reflection: The first problem which will be faced is to make a stratified random sample because there might be scenario in which the sample becomes bias. This will disturb the whole process of research and will not lead to a conclusive analysis. The second problem is to conduct surveys. Focus groups can experience problems due to participants who may lead to a wrong discussion. Problems can also occur from the side of the moderator. The moderator can phrase questions incorrectly which may be misinterpreted by the participant and they may give wrong answers.
More over difficulty might be faced when conducting personal interview in the form of time, transport or the non response of participant or their unwillingness to participate. The major problem that will be faced will to find something that is against the theoretical perspective of advertising which is aimed at a push strategy employed by marketer. What will be analyzed in the research is more based on advertising as a pull strategy. Problems faced by researchers during the process include a major component of violation of ethical guidelines.
Firstly, surveys that include interviews sometimes include questions that are personal to the interviewee and he or she may find it difficult to discuss them. But since researchers rephrase questions in order to bring out answers form the participants, they are misleading them and violating ethical principle of privacy. Then some of the time researchers cheat in questionnaires by filling themselves in order to save time. This is sometimes also done in order to bring about a desired result.
Then researchers sometimes is order to avoid bias result do not disclose some of the information with the participants which is sometimes if given to the participant is sometimes not correct. This is also an act that violates the ethical right to be informed. Political research is a work that requires accurate information about the environment and the political scenario. The job of a political researcher is strenuous psychologically as it forces to create affiliations with political parties and requires for diplomatic stance in this regard.
This calls for aligning oneself into ethical guidelines and binding by those principles. Conclusion: The first part of the research will be aimed at gathering secondary data as much as possible about the current situations faced by marketers and their stance on it. There will also be a literature review about the facts that will be gathered throughout the secondary data gathering and a preliminary report will be made to show how the research is proceeding. The next part is discussed in the proposal and results will show what the response of people about internet advertising is.
Since the research will be done under the domain of internet marketing, it will be limited for that purpose and it cannot apply elsewhere. This is done solely for the purpose of accuracy and relevance which can only be done if the research is objective. The next phase will be to do the primary research which is divided (as shown above, qualitative and quantitative). This is intended to carry out surveys which will help further in giving a clear picture of what is the real response of individuals upon which real life strategies can be carried out by marketers and can help is more effective marketing of their products.
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