Managing Diversity in WorkPlace

About The Movie Battle of The Sexes
Reaction Paper
The reaction paper should be no less than five (5) full double-spaced page, not including the cover page or the reference page.Times New Roman 12pt. font should be used with one-inch margins all around. The paper
should exhibit critical thinking on the part of the student by comparing to new knowledge, theories, and/or concepts gained during the course (reading assignments).
Once you have completed the exercises, write a paper that discusses your reactions compared to the academic concepts you have gained from the reading assignments.

How did the exercises make you feel?
Was there anything with which you particularly agreed or disagreed and why?
What sparked a strong reaction in you and why?
Identify questions that sparked in your mind (minimum of three).
Must have an introduction (with a thesis), body, and conclusion.
Do NOT summarize the exercises.
Must include the printouts of your results or notes (based on the assignment) with the paper.


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