Managing Community and Personal Health — Sleep and Mental Health

Review the following videos:Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep Part 2: Discussion with Sleep Research Specialist Dr. Andrew Mouton2 [00:08:21] Benefits of Good Night’s Sleep Part 3 — Sleep Research Specialist Dr. Andre Mouton [00:05:18] Health Without Mental Health: Denny Morrison at TEDxBloomington [00:10:16] the key points presented in the videos focusing on 2–3 topics/concepts important for the expansion of public health education programs designed to advance healthier personal lifestyles through updated research, spiritual/faith influences, and community awareness.Explore one lifestyle change related to the video that you have made or would like to make and discuss the challenges and benefits of making such a change.Submit your assignment by following the instructions below before the deadline.

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Managing Community and Personal Health — Sleep and Mental Health
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