managers perceptions of organizational culture

I need some assistance with these assignment. managers perceptions of organizational culture Thank you in advance for the help! The last two studies described the organizational culture issues of a China-based joint venture. Finally, the study undertaken by Thomas & Lindsay (2003) explored the match between the organizational culture that pervaded in Compass, South Africa and its strategic objectives. The following paragraphs present a detailed analysis of these topics.

The review of related literature intends to provide a comprehensive and thorough background of organizational culture and its correlates, through a combination of quantitative and qualitative studies. The findings of empirical studies related to the topic are presented logically in the following paragraphs:

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managers perceptions of organizational culture
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The Effect of Organizational Culture on the Relationship between Budgetary Participation and Job-related Outcomes

Subramaniam & Ashkanasy (2001) have undertaken a study entitled ‘The effect of organizational culture perceptions on the relationship between budgetary participation and job-related outcomes.” A random sample of 62 organizations was chosen for participation in the study out of the 623 food manufacturing organizations listed in the Kompass Australia directory, each with over a hundred employees. The findings of the present study purport that managers’ organizational culture (OC) perceptions influence the effect of budgetary participation (BP) on job-related outcomes of job-related tension and managerial performance. In particular, BP was demonstrated to have a relationship with agreeable job-related outcomes for managers who have given high innovation evaluations. The study presents that for these managers, BP accounts for lower job-related tension (JRT) and enhanced managerial performance – this, regardless of their perceptions of attention to detail.

Managers with low OC perceptions are deemed low in both innovation and attention to detail, BP is critical in planning and coordination. Moreover, it is also considered crucial in managerial motivation, specifically for incumbents who may more likely be complacent and tend to utilize below standard decision-making tools.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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