Managerial Accounting Analysis

1. Provide examples of fixed, variable, mixed, and step costs of each Company. (Manufacturing Company) Mesa Laboratories, Inc. and (Service Company) American Public Education, Inc. (APEI) from 2019 annual reports (links provided)2. Identify the products or services provided by each organization.• (Manufacturing): Mesa Laboratories – “Mesa Laboratories, Inc. (Nasdaq: MLAB) is a growing, highly profitable public company based in Denver, CO. Mesa develops, manufactures and markets, high-quality process validation and monitoring instruments and consumables.” (Datatrace by Mesa Labs, 2016)• (Service): American Public Education, Inc. (APEI) – “American Public Education, Inc. (APEI), provides higher education to learners through two wholly owned institutions—online learning provider American Public University System (APUS) and campus-based Hondros College of Nursing (HCN).” (APEI, 2020)Mesa Labs 2019 Annual Report: Public Education, Inc. (APEI) 2019 Annual Report:

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Managerial Accounting Analysis
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