The direction given by the managers of an organization is critical to its success. Leaders have influence over organizational structure and all personnel within that structure, both positively and negatively. In discussing the traits that make a good leader, perhaps the most under-trained topic in the fire service is followership and it is an equally important trait for a leader to have.

Write a 3–5-page informative paper that analyzes the effect that management has on subordinate personnel roles, relationships, and responsibilities within the organization.

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Describe the relationship between leaders and other personnel, and the influence the leader has upon the organization.

Identifying at least three traits that a successful leader should typically possess, analyze the relationship between these traits and the success of an organization. Determine whether an organization can have success with a poor leader and if so, how is this possible?

Finally, discuss the concept of followership and how leaders can utilize its concepts to influence personnel and the organizational structure. Use the library or Internet search to find articles that can strengthen your position with respect to leadership traits.

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