Management Concepts

Review the Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper that you wrote in Week 1 and the Managing the Project Paper from Week 5. Develop a 7- to 10-slide presentation with speaker notes that illustrates a project management plan. The plan should address both project closure and the effects of adding an international component to the project. Include slides for the following elements:International Project ComponentProject Closure DeliverablesTypes of Project ClosuresTeam DispersalSuccess FactorsOngoing MetricsCompleted Project Retrospective Describe in the speaker notes:Differences between managing domestic and international projects. What specifically would need to be done differently?The project retrospective process, and the project close-down process.How the project retrospective process and project close-down steps relate to each other and the overall project structure.How project success has been measured and will continue to be evaluated.Lessons learned from the project.PLEASE SEE ORDERS 114393 & 114292


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