Looking for someone with expertise in poetry

Poetry Anthology – Instructions

For your project, you must create a compilation of poems (which is called an anthology). These poems must all be written for the same purpose, which is what you will be talking about in your essay. The five basic roles that poetry plays in society, and a breakdown of why people both read and write poetry for each of those purposes. You are assigned to choose one of those roles, and find poetry that fits the role you chose for your anthology.

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Looking for someone with expertise in poetry
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Five basic roles that poetry plays in society

1. Education: (Audience)-Learn (Author)- Teach

2. Social Activism: (Audience)- Gain perspective/Understand (Author)- Raise awareness/Protect

3. Expression: (Audience)- Relate/Empathize (Author)- Get feeling out/Cope

4. Entertainment: (Audience)- Escape/Enjoy (Author)- Amuse/Perform

5. Argument: (Audience)- Support/Challenge (Author)- Debate/Discuss

Here’s what you need to include:

1. Cover (10 points)

Your cover needs to have a unique title that fits your anthology, artwork of some sort that fits your content, and your name as the editor of the anthology.

2. Table of Contents (5 points)

Your table of contents should list the contents of your anthology (i.e. poem titles) with corresponding page numbers.

3. Letter from the Editor (15 points)

On one double-spaced page, in first person you should explain why you believe poetry plays this role in society, why it is important or meaningful, why you chose these poems, and how they fit into that role.

4. Nine published poems (50 points)

You must find nine poems for the body of your anthology. These poems must be professionally written and published (blogs or social media don’t count as publication, unless it is a new poem posted by previously published and recognized author). You may use poems from our unit, but you should also look outside of our lessons for materials. For each poem, you must include the poem in its entirety along with the poem title in quotation marks, the poet’s name, and the original publication in italics.

5. One original poem (10 points)

The tenth poem will be one you have written yourself. There are no requirements regarding length, rhythm, rhyme, structure, or figurative language. You must give your poem a title, though.

6. Editor’s bio (10 points)

At the end, provide a one-paragraph biography of the editor (yourself) in third person. This should be similar to the author bios that you find on the back of books.

I highly suggest saving your anthology as a PDF before you upload it, especially if you used any special fonts, graphics, or colors in creating your anthology.


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