Locate the Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act 1998 (NSW) and complete the following:

Part A Legal (500 words)Read the following case study.Maddie (5 y/o) and Sam (2 y/o) live in a small rural town in NSW with their mother, Jane (30y/0), and their father, Dave (32 y/o). Jane works behind the bar in one of the hotels on a casual basis and Dave is unemployed. He used to work at the local hardware shop, but it closed down eight months ago owing to the draught and subsequent economic down turn in the community. He is now currently receiving Centrelink payments and is looking for work, although there are currently few employment opportunities in the town where they live.From the age of about six, Dave and his siblings grew up in foster care because his mother and stepfather used illicit substances and could not care for their children. From the age of about ten, Jane grew up with her aunt because her mother and father were killed in a car crash.Sam has Down Syndrome. He requires special medical attention and also receives a service from an NGO that specialises in assisting families to care for children with a disability. Jane and her aunt, who lives nearby have, for the most part, worked together in order to meet Sam’s care needs.Jane and Dave own their own home, which they bought when Maddie was born after years of saving for the deposit. Jane would love to be a stay at home mum, but they simply can’t afford it because they still have to pay off a mortgage. For Dave, losing his job has been a big blow. He has felt as if he has let Jane and his family down by not being able to provide for them and being unemployed has made him feel like a failure and that his life is not worth anything. To cope, he started drinking and smoking cannabis in order to deal with the intense feelings of dread feels in relation to his life.Jane has coped with this situation by taking on additional work at the hotel, including evening shifts, and trying to maintain a positive outlook. She has had to deal with so much grief and loss in her life, and she reasoned, if she could deal with that, she could deal with anything. She has been determined to maintain a positive outlook on life.But Dave’s behaviour began to get her down. She was trying to make things better by working and he was just making it worse by spending her hard-earned money on alcohol and cannabis. He did look after the children when she was at work and she had never questioned whether or not they were safe in his care. However, all this changed about six months ago when she came home after working all day and Dave was smoking cannabis with his friend Joe. The house was a mess, the dishes were dirty, the washing had not been done, the children were filthy and hungry and Sam had soiled himself. There was an argument between Jane and Dave. Jane threatened to leave Dave if he did not change his ways.Following this, Dave tried the best he could to keep the household together whilst Jane was at work. Every so often, however, he would drink and smoke cannabis. The cycle was the same, Jane would come home from work to find the house to be a mess and the children would be hungry and dirty and Dave would have been drinking and this resulted arguments. During this period, neighbours had made reports to the Department of Family and Community Services about the safety and wellbeing of the two children: one report said that the children had been left unsupervised in the home, another said that there was a bad smell coming from the backyard, another said that arguing could be heard coming from the house and that this was a regular occurrence. Another report was received from Sam’s disability care worker, who had reported concerns about Sam’s health in general: that he appeared to be losing weight and that he had missed several important appointments with the paediatrician at the Children’s Hospital.Imagine that you work for the statutory department responsible for responding to concerns in relation to the safety and wellbeing of children.  You conduct a risk assessment. Although the issues reported are concerning, your team leader has decided that, at this point in time, the case does not meet the threshold of ‘risk of significant harm’, but that, given the concerns, he wants you to keep the case open for further assessment.Please note, the above scenario is fictional. It is acknowledged that statutory departments have specific procedures staff must follow in order to conduct risk assessments and decision making. However, the focus of this assignment is to consider how the legislative principles and the DECIDE (Lonne et al., 2016) model can assist with ethical decision making in child protection practice. Complete Parts A Part A Legal (500 words)Locate the Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act 1998 (NSW) and complete the following:1. Examine Section 8 of the Act and, in your own words, briefly explain the aims of the Act.2. Examine Section 9 of the Act and, in your own words, describe the main norms that should direct decision making in child protection practice. 3. Examine the principle in subsection 9 (2)(c) and in your own words, evaluate its meaning and significance and how it might inform decision making in the case study.

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Locate the Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act 1998 (NSW) and complete the following:
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