Locate an evidence-based strategy that falls under the HLP category of Social/Emotional/Behavior and complete the attached Article Synopsis. 

Locate an evidence-based strategy that falls under the HLP category of Social/Emotional/Behavior and complete the attached Article Synopsis.  You MUST locate a peer-reviewed article that includes an actual study.  You must also include 2 annotated bibliographies that include references you might use in your final research paper.  Your article synopsis must follow 7th ed. APA and be formatted correctly in order to receive credit.  

Article Synopsis Assignment

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Locate an evidence-based strategy that falls under the HLP category of Social/Emotional/Behavior and complete the attached Article Synopsis. 
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Please adhere to the 7th ed. APA manual when completing this assignment. Be aware there are two parts to this assignment. You are required to complete both parts.

Choose a peer-reviewed article covering this week’s topic. Ensure that your article is associated with one of the HLPs discussed this week in class.Part 1:

After reading the peer-reviewed article, you will need to construct an “Article Synopsis.” In this assignment, you will need to include:

a) Purpose,

b) Participants/Setting,

c) Findings,

d) Author Suggestions/Future Directions,

e) Reflection, and

f) Reference

Your article synopsis should be no more than 3 pages. Remember, you are graduate students and the expectations are higher. Do not copy and do not use quotes, this assignment needs to demonstrate your understanding of reading research.

(Credit for the information below is attributed to https://medicine.wright.edu/sites/medicine.wright.edu/files/page/attachments/Sample_Format_for_Reviewing_%20Journal_Article.pdf and Dr. J. Josephson)

Section #1- Purpose

  • In this section include the authors’ last names (year) and what the study was conducted about.
  • Read the Abstract; this will give an overview of the study’s (article’s) purpose.
  • Read the entire article without trying to summarize it.
  • Go back and read the Literature Review or Background section of the article. Toward the end of the section, the authors should identify gaps in the existing literature and tell the reader how the current study will fill that gap. The authors will also state their hypothesis (purpose) at the end of this section.

Section #2 – Participants/Setting

  • In this section discuss who the participants were and/or what the setting of the study was.
  • Read the Methods section of the paper. In this section, the authors will describe how the data was collected, who was included in the sample, and any instruments used.
  • A reader might want to consider sample size, demographic characteristics, or any interesting protocol.
  • Do NOT report every fact (i.e., 35% of the participants were male, 71% identified their race as Asian). Give some broad overviews here. Tables are a nice way to show lots of information in a compact space.

Section #3 – Findings

  • In this section discuss what the authors found in their study.
  • Read the Findings/Results section of the article.
  • Some statistics may be confusing. Pay attention to key words such as “increased”, “decreased”, “improved”, and “reduced”.
  • “No change” may also be considered a significant finding.
  • Next, read the Discussion section. The authors will present the findings in general terms.

Section #4 – Author Suggestions/Future Directions

  • Choose one of the two words above for your heading title…You choose – do not use both.
  • In this section you will to discuss what the author(s) suggest for future research or next steps.
  • Read the Discussion section and look for comments that the authors made about the intervention or program such as “Did it work?” or “Should it be continued?”.
  • Look for the author’s critique of why the study did or did not produce results. Did anything unexpected influence the findings?
  • The author may suggest a future line of research or “next steps” to improve the body of knowledge.

Section #5: Reflection

  • This is your time to reflect on how you can/will use the information from this article in your current or future classroom, or if you are not a teacher, how this information will help you in your current position.
  • What do you think about the ideas presented? This is where you will identify aspects of the authors’ ideas that you agree with, disagree with, or are still questioning.
  • How do the ideas presented in this article relate to your future career as an educator? How, if at all, will the ideas presented in this article influence your role as a teacher?

Additional Tips:

  • Read the entire article first and then go back and take notes. Jot down notes in your own words. This increases comprehension as well as decreases the likelihood of plagiarism.
  • The review is written in third person; no “I” or “you”.
  • Unless stated otherwise, a literature review ideally reflects articles published in the last five to ten years.
  • Not every detail or fact needs to be reported. A reader will obtain a copy of the article if more information is needed.
  • Write the literature review in the past tense; the research has already been completed.
  • The article cannot “do”, “find”, or “say” anything. The authors are the people who conducted the study.
  • The above format is a guideline. It may be necessary to change the verbs or to expand an idea.

Part 2:

Identify at least 2 other articles on this topic. Create an annotated bibliography for these articles. An annotated bibliography will include the 7th ed. APA reference, along with a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph (approximately 150 words). More information on annotated bibliographies can be found here – make sure to scroll to the APA example – https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/common_writing_assignments/annotated_bibliographies/annotated_bibliography_samples.html

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