Lobbying local government officials can be done in many ways


Communication is important in our everyday life, the means that we communicate are always growing. Nonverbal communication is defined as using any other means except verbally speaking words (Pearson, 2020). These forms of nonverbal communication include body language, facial expressions, eye contact, and signing. Adding in 

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Lobbying local government officials can be done in many ways
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Those who are not capable to speak or even those who are unwilling to speak use different means to communicate. Those can include technology, pen, and paper, sign language, or gestures. Those born deaf, or those who become deaf learn to communicate without using verbal cues. This leads to the learning of sign language. American Sign Language is an important form of communication because this can be some people’s only form of communication. 

In my own life, I can recall a time when I came across a student of mine who could not hear well so she used American Sign Language as her main form of communication. The easiest way to communicate with her was by sign language. However, I did not know any sign language. This led me to learn how to sign, and hold a conversation as well as teach her some new words. To some American sign language is a more important form of communication. 

In my opinion, in life communication is something that we don’t think twice about because we do it every day.  We don’t think about differences in communication until we are confronted by them. 


It may be important to use active listening while your being pulled over by law enforcement. Active listen is a pattern of listening that keeps you engaged throughout the whole conversation. In a situation like being pulled over you don’t know what may happen and have to be ready to obey by all of the police officers commands.  Active listening is very important in a situation like that because you have to keep all ears and eyes opened in so you don’t make these worst for yourself. People are pulled over all the time and that’s when active listening is really locked into a persons mind.

In sports there is a lot of nonverbal communication that is used in order for teams to win. I have played football for 19 years of my life and have been in situations where I had to learn how to do a certain drill by watching the people in front of me. I was able to watch others do that drill instead of asking them in order for me to do it successfully. In the textbook it states nonverbal communication as ” Nonverbal communication is defined as using any other means except verbally speaking words (Pearson, 2020)” This type of communication has always been as important as verbal as we can also seek important information about things. In the text it also states that nonverbal communication techniques would be ” Dressing, facial expressions, posture and gestures which all pass messages to other individuals around the source. (Harendza et al. 2018).”


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