literature review

For this assignment, you will submit a literature review.  First, be sure you have completed all your readings and watched the videos assigned in this unit.

Using the articles, you found for your Annotated Bibliography from the Unit 2 assignment, write your Literature Review. based on the following articles. 

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1. Akpan, D. (2000). Single Parenting and Social Adjustment of Adolescent Students. University of Uyo Journal of Women Academics, 1(1), 124-125.This journal points out list of reasons responsible for poor students performance, especially in African. The Author mentions’ lack of motivation as one of the reasons and empasized the need for it to be encouraged in the classroom.2. Ambiel, R. A. M., & Martins, G. H. (2020). Career development of psychology students: Effects of an online intervention. Revista Brasileira de Orientacao Profissional, 21(1). article emphasises on the direct impact of motivation of students’ behaviour. And further stressed the impact of lack of motivation on the students.3. Awan, R.-N., Ghazala, N., & Anjum, N. (2011). A Study of Relationship between Achievement Motivation, Academic Self Concept and Achievement in English and Mathematics at Secondary Level. International Education Studies, 4(3). above study examined the achievement and the impacts of motivation on academic performance. This study from a large number of students from about four different schools points out the need for the use of motivation strategies in improving students performance. This will help understanding the benefits of intrinsic motivation, it is also relevant because it was published within the contemporary period.4. Elliot, A. J., Dweck, C. S., & Yeager, D. S. (2017). Handbook of competence and motivation: Theory and application. In Handbook of competence and motivation: Theory and application., 2nd ed.The Handbook comprises 35 sections composed by notable researchers across assorted controls, and it’s anything but a goal-oriented point—to pull together the accomplishment inspiration writing utilizing the idea of skill. The source is reliable as it provides information on the theoretical and practical application of intrinsic motivation.5. Harter, S. (1981). A new self-report scale of intrinsic versus extrinsic orientation in the classroom: Motivational and informational components. Developmental Psychology, 17(3). article describes the learning orientation in the classroom and how intrinsic motivation can be applied to improve academic performance. The source is reliable as it provides a piece of relevant and dependable information about the subject matter. The authors of this article are credible and professionals.6. Muola, J. M. (2010). A study of the relationship between academic achievement motivation and home environment among standard eight pupils. Educational Research and Reviews, 5(5). research article basically gives ideas on what the society outside the classroom tends to benefit from an intrinsically motivated individual. The source is reliable as it provides a piece of relevant and dependable information about the subject matter. 

 Your Literature Review should include three main components: an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction: In two to three paragraphs:
    • Topic: Define your topic and provide context for the review (your main thesis).
    • Organization of Literature: Explain the organization – i.e. sequence – of the review;
  • Main Body: In two to three pages
    • Topic Review: Organize and discuss the literature you reviewed (a minimum of six sources). Your main body should be organized by topic using headings.  Within each topic, discuss multiple sources comparing and contrasting what the various findings of each study were.  DO NOT simply provide a summary of the study.
    • Wider Subject Area: Analyze the relation between your chosen topic and the wider subject area (e.g. between early parent reading to children and childhood literacy in general)
  • Conclusion: In two to three paragraphs

Your paper will be peer-assessed on how well the above areas have been covered.  In addition, the below aspects will also be assessed:

  • Page Requirement: The assignment should be 4-5 pages, not including title and reference pages.
  • APA Formatting: Use APA formatting consistently throughout.
  • Syntax and Mechanics: Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Your written work should contain no errors and be very easy to understand.
  • Source Requirement: Use no less than six scholarly sources, providing compelling evidence to support ideas. All sources on the reference page need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.

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