Literature Assignment

Here is the assignment.  I would like it to be about James Fenimore Cooper.

Our final essay is also a research essay, focusing on one author (covered in our class’s coursework) which you did not discuss in any previous essays.  Your research essay may discuss an author discussed in a journal.

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Literature Assignment
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This final essay will discuss an author, his or her writing style, and a discussion of at least one literary work. Your paper should discuss your writer’s biography and time period, characteristics of writing style, and a brief analysis of one literary work. The biography, writing style, and/or historical influences should be evident in the brief analysis/discussion of the literary work. All aspects should be interrelated. You should use at least five academic or scholarly sources for this essay. Two sources must be from Library Online.

Suggestions to begin your essay–Choose your authorSelect at least five sources: One may be your text, you may use any websites from this course, and you may conduct your own research. (Two sources must be from Library Online.)Gather your informationDecide on your thesis.Write your outline (some students do this last)Write your body paragraphs: author’s biography, writing style, a literary workWrite your introduction ending with the thesisWrite your conclusion beginning with your restated thesisWrite your Title PageWrite your OutlineWrite your Works Cited – (I will evaluate your Works Cited for this essay.)This following information from your last essay may be a useful review for you.

“Writing About Literature”: Analysis vs. Summary

When we write about literature in this class we must be careful to avoid plot summary. Assume your audience has already read the story or seen the play when you write. When writing about literature focus on analysis, rather than plot summary. The writer must interpret a text for meaning and narrow the focus around a thesis.

Review Writing for a Literature Class. For help in grammar and writing, select Guide to Grammar and Writing and review suggestions for writing about literature.

Before a thesis can be created or an essay written, all research must be completed. Be sure you can find at least three sources of information on the story. Below are suggestons and links to assist you on your search.


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