Learning activity 4

LGST 101 7980 Introduction to Law (2198)General Instructions for Learning Activities Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in Overview.Submit learning activities to the correct week’s Learning Activity tab in the Assignment Folder.Put your name on your uploaded file. Refer to course materials, cases, and/or statutes to support conclusions. Review the grading rubric for Learning Activities.Learning Activity: due 11:59 pm ET, ThursdayBernie has asked all the interns to practice legal citation and case briefing. He requests that you are to complete a report containing the citation practice and the case brief for Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc. Provide the information requested below in a report to Bernie in the format specified below. This report has two parts.InstructionsWestlaw Login: By now, you should have your Westlaw login information. If not, please be sure to obtain the login information. Information about login and passwords is in Read Me First in Content (see “Access to Westlaw-Nextâ€).Retrieve Case: Log in to Westlaw and retrieve the case, Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc., by entering this portion of the case citation in the search box on Westlaw: 94 Ohio App. 313.Read Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc.Part I: Citation PracticeA. Provide the citation for Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc.B. Explain the meaning for each group of numbers and abbreviation in the citation. Part II: Case Brief for Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc. Review the “How to Brief a Case†resource linked in Overview. A. Prepare and submit a case brief, providing the following information in the following format:Case citationProcedural factsSubstantive factsIssue(s)Rule(s)Holding(s)Rationale Format The report should follow the format below. Label all parts and sub parts of the report. TO: Bernie Franks, Director of ParalegalsFROM: your nameRE: Citation Practice and Case Brief for Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc.DATE: Part I. Citation PracticeA.B. Part II. Case Brief for Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc.Case citation Procedural facts Substantive facts Issue(s) Rule(s) Holding(s) Rationale


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