Leadership Competencies and Patient Experience: A Literature Review.

Laurie Latvis, John Fick and Lihua Dishman, A.T. Still University Over 150 theoretical and empirical literatures were reviewed in relation to patient experience and senior leadership competencies. The literature review found improving the patient experience is a top priority of health care leaders in the United States and has been positively associated with adherence to medical treatment, use of preventive services, and positive quality outcomes, and an improvement in patient safety. Survey results of patient experiences are used in reimbursing hospitals through value-based reimbursement programs that can significantly affect a hospital’s financials. between physicians and patients is a strong determinant of patient satisfaction. The literature demonstrated that when patients are not satisfied it might result in a delay of treatment and decrease quality of care. Senior executive leaders must model certain leadership behaviors and certain competencies must increase to make changes in the status quo, focus on creating change, have vision for the organization, and lead people to embrace the vision of the organization, which includes a focus on patient experience.

Overall, literature is present for competencies required of leaders, although there is a gap in the literature of what characteristics are needed to effectively improve a patient’s experience in an acute care hospital aside from enhancing overall. Understanding Operational Succession Planning and Employee Turnover of Healthcare Organizations.Heather Moore, Lihua Dishman and John Fick, A.T. Still University As the population ages and healthcare acuity increases, turnover has increased at a time when the healthcare industry increasingly requires skilled leadership.

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Leadership Competencies and Patient Experience: A Literature Review.
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Operational Succession Planning (OSP) has emerged as a feasible solution to healthcare’s leadership deficit, which linked to organizational financial and overall performance. Employee Turnover (ET) concerns employee departures from workplaces. The OSP and ET constructs guided a systematic selection and review of more than 110 theoretical and empirical articles from peer-reviewed healthcare management and general business journals. Emerged from the extant literature were three primary OSP dimensions: replacement planning, leadership development, and knowledge management; and three primary ET dimensions:

monetary costs, employee satisfaction, and patient satisfaction. Replacement planning was in frequent practice but insufficient because it did not develop leaders or preserve organizational knowledge, whereas succession planning required developing internal talents into leaders and transitioning knowledge between generations of leaders. Leadership development and knowledge management were essential to preserving organizational continuity and competitive advantages. ET negatively affected organizational operations.

Specifically, ET raised operational costs, decreased employee satisfaction because it lowered morale while increasing workload demands of remaining employees, and impeded patient satisfaction. This systematic review indicates an empirical 52 MICHIGAN ACADEMICIAN literature gap regarding the OSP-ET relationship, particularly for medical practices.

Breastfeeding Considerations and Practices of Ghanaian Women Living with HIV with Low Birthweight Babies.Kwame Sakyi, Oakland University, Center for Learning and Childhood Development-Ghana; Prince Owusu, Center for Learning and Childhood Development-Ghana; Celeste Zabel and Erica Willemsen, Oakland University In many sub-Saharan African countries like Ghana HIV has been shown to increase the risk of having a low birth weight baby (LBW). Given concerns about mother-to-child transmissions of HIV, HIV stigma, and challenges LBW babies have with breastfeeding, this study sought to characterize the breastfeeding experiences of LBW mothers living with HIV. Participants included 15 postpartum women living with HIV with LBW infants in Accra, Ghana.

Qualitative interviews were covered breastfeeding considerations, experiences, and practices. Data was analyzed using thematic analysis. Mothers who were concerned about their infant getting HIV through breastfeeding reported adhering to ART. After childbirth, mothers related that their child’s small appearance suggested that they may be HIV infected. This perception, we found, resulted in a few of the mothers discontinuing or not initiating breastfeeding.

Some mothers did not breastfeed regardless of their baby’s birthweight. To avoid HIV stigma, a few mothers used their babies’ small appearance, as a reason for not breastfeeding, instead of their intentions to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The concern of spreading HIV, and the perception that LBW infants may already be infected HIV-infected play a significant role in mother’s decision to breastfeed LBW infants in Ghana. How Does Formal Succession Planning Affect Leadership Sustainability and Organizational Performance of United States Hospitals?Samuel K.

Ndinjiakat, John W. Fick and Lihua Dishman, A.T. Still University United States hospitals lacked well-coordinated succession planning programs to align high performers to specific leadership positions from frontline supervisors to C-Suite executives. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the effects of U.S. hospitals’ formal succession planning on their leadership sustainability and organizational performance. Leadership sustainability is observed when an intervention has become integral to routine practice, continuing until implementation support ceases. Organizational performance consists of financial and nonfinancial factors used to determine the degree of goal attainment. A sample of 12 hospitals from all nine regions of American Hospital Association was selected using a purposeful case sampling strategy for achieving study results’ greater reliability. A survey questionnaire with demographic and open-ended questions was sent to survey participants via SurveyMonkey. Data were analyzed using MAXQDA. Several salient findings emerged. Most hospitals 53 Reproduced with permission of copyright owner.

Further reproduction prohibited without permission.

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