leadership and vocation.

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Question: In your first leadership course of the program, LDR-600, you learned about leadership and vocation. One of your readings, “Leadership as a Vocation,” has been included again in this course for quick reference. As you review the topic Resources and reflect on your experience within the program, how has your understanding of leadership as a vocation changed? How do your skills and dispositions demonstrate leadership as your vocation?

Answer: Reflecting on that reference and others that I have in my current portfolio, I see how leadership is so much more than just having a role where others see you as a leader. Leadership is so much more than leadership qualities or characteristics, but rather we should all be building one another to be leaders. Although there are many styles of leadership, I still feel that a combination is best for me. When considering my own view of leadership, I see it as not only a sign of success in life, but also a position of responsibility. While there is the aspect of responsibility to the company and the requirements of the role, I see it as more of a responsibility to those who are in your charge. As a leader, we are called to encourage success. The question is what defines success. To many, it is defined by numbers, but the theory of success I subscribe to is that leadership is when we are called to motivate and inspire those we oversee. As leaders, we have a responsibility to help those we oversee be the best version of themselves. In doing so they will be more loyal employees when they can see that we are truly invested in what will help them achieve the level of success they desire or push them beyond what they are able to see in themselves. When you see leadership as a vocation, you are in that role not for yourself but to identify traits in others that will drive them to success. When a leader is doing what they are called to do they can help people change from seeing their occupation as a job to potentially seeing it as a career, and potentially finding their own calling. “Those with a career orientation, therefore, have a “deeper personal investment in their work” compared to those with a job, but still less of an investment in work than those with a calling, for whom work is inseparable from life.” (Michaelson & Tosti-Kharas, 2019) Therefore when a leader is called to their role as a vocation it is their responsibility to identify what drives their employees and capitalize on those traits to help develop that individual. There may be times that in the development process it will be determined that the position they are in isn’t the best fit, and that it is when it is the leader’s obligation to determine if there is a role in the company that the employee is more suited to, or if it would be in their best interest to move on to another career path elsewhere. This obligation is not only in the best interest of the company but also in the best interest of the individual.

It is now my goal to develop a team that would be more like a family of equal importance rather than the levels or titles of colleagues. In my career, there have been many that lived up to these expectations where we shared goals and values, but there were also times that I had to have a conversation with some about how this may not be the best for them. However, I love to turn challenges into opportunities. So, I would also take these conversations and turn them into a career discovery conversation to try and help them decide where they would excel. This to me is the ultimate responsibility of a leader, not giving up. Helping and serving others no matter the circumstance, seizing the opportunities instead of trying to just get through something, make it better. Leadership needs to be consistent for me as I don’t want any questions about what I would do but rather hope to have collective thinking where we would do the same thing in my organization now no question. 


Michaelson, C., & Tosti-Kharas, J. (2019). Serving self or serving others? Close relations’ perspectives on ethics and calling. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 114, 19-30.

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