law concerning the use of seatbelts

Florida has a law concerning the use of seatbelts: FSA 316.614. Under this law, if a seatbelt is NOT worn, and a passenger is injured in a vehicle accident, the passenger’s failure to wear a seatbelt may be raised as a defense if the passenger sues the driver for damages suffered in the accident.

RESEARCH/WRITING —Set forth the elements  of  the seatbelt defense and  read the cases below and in ONE PARAGRAPH EACH   set forth the claim, the evidence relied upon by the court, and the result of the case use proper legal terms.

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law concerning the use of seatbelts
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Jones v. Alayon, 162 So.3d 360 (DCA 4 2015)

Metropolitan Dade County v. Frederic, 698 So2d 291 (DCA 3 1997)

Henry v. Hoelke, 82 So.3d 962 (DCA 4 2011

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