Knowledges: Final Research Paper


Your 1000-1,300 word essay (3-5 pages) should meet each of the following content requirements:

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Knowledges: Final Research Paper
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(a) write your name, course number and section, date

(b) give your paper a captivating title

(c) create a thesis that focuses your paper

(d) use a minimum of one reliable source from library resources or media like YouTube

that supports your analysis (remember to seek help from a librarian)

(e) incorporate critical perspectives using the “Questions for Textual Analysis” which

are posted on the Moodle site for our class

(f) be double-spaced, in 12-point font with no more than one inch

margins all around, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and with an accurate and

captivating title

(g) document all primary and secondary sources according to the 8th edition of the Modern

Language Association (MLA) method of documentation with parenthetical citations

Everywhere you quote, paraphrase, or summarize; include a Work(s) Cited page at the

end of your paper; if your major requires you to use APA, that is also permissible

Adoption in Saudi Arabia

  1. Introduction (Hook and brief explanation)
  2. Guardianship vs Adoption
  1. Adoption
  2. Guardianship
  3. (similarities or what’s allowed in Saudi Arabia)
  4. Naming conventions
  5. Reasons
  1. To be a guardian
  2. For giving up a child
  3. Not to be a guardian
  4. Benefits
  1. For parents
  2. For children
  3. Requirements
  1. Requirements to be a guardian
  2. Eligibility for child based on age
  1. Ages 0-2
  2. Ages 2-14
  3. Ages 14+
  1. Examples of Differences
  2. Conclusion
  1. Reinstating main points
  2. Closing statement


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