Kinesiology 4 week treatment plan for injury

KINE 3320 Final Project Name:

Injury: Healing Phase Treatment Session Treatment(s) Outcome(s) of treatment Treatment Parameters Goal(s) Addressed Cryotherapy – intermittent compression (GameReady), elevation decrease pain, decrease swelling, reduce metabolism and limit secondary injury 20 minutes, mid-compression 1,2 Biphasic e-stim over calf muscle reduce subacute edema 20 minutes, motor level, long phase duration 250 μs, pulse frequency <10pps, duty cycle 50% 2 Premodulated e-stim decrease pain via the gate theory high pulse rate (120 pps), sensory level, short phase duration (<100 µs) for 30 minutes 1 Pulsed US aid in ligamentous healing Pulsed US 3MHz 0.8 W/cm² for 4 min 3 Cryotherapy – cold whirlpool + ROM exercises cryokinetics, allow exercise pain- free 20 minutes in a ice bucket at 50 degrees 3,4 Cryotherapy, IFC e-stim decrease pain & swelling from exercises, prevent formation of swelling, disinhibitory effect 20 minutes, at sensory level over the ankle joint 3,5 Russian restore normal strength of peroneal muscles Over peroneal muscle belly, 10 sec on, 30 sec off, at strong motor level, perform active eversion with it with thera-band 4 Achilles tendon stretch prevent adhesion, regaining ROM Using a towel, 3 sets of 30 sec 4 EXAMPLE lateral ankle sprain, 4 days old 1 2 3 4 5 6 Proliferation Inflammatory / Proliferation KINE 3320 Final Project Thermotherapy – moist heat pack increase blood flow to the area, decrease pain 20 minutes 3 Continuous US aid in ligamentous healing, tissue elongation Continuous US 3MHz 1.3 W/cm² for 7 min 3 Joint Mobilizations increase pain-free ROM Subtalar (posterior) and distal tibfib (posterior) joint mobilizations, 3 sets of 20-30 repetitions, Level III 4 Balance Exercise restore normal proprioception, regain strength Single leg balance for 20 sec on the floor, progress to foam if easy. 4 Goals: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Use the SMART acronym for writing your goals:

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Kinesiology 4 week treatment plan for injury
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To restore normal ROM (> 30 ° in dorsiflexion, WNL in others), strength back at least 4/5, and proprioception WNL compared to the unnjured side. To disinhbit AMI so that we can maximize the excitable neuron pool 10 11 12 To decrease the patient’s pain to less than 4/10 on the 1-10 scale. 7 8 9 To decrease the amount of swelling in the patient’s ankle by 2 cm.

To assist the tissue in healing by providing an optimal environment for healing to take place by preventing any set-backs by protecting the joint and aiding in creating optimal metabolic conditions. Proliferation / Maturation KINE 3320 Final Project Specific (what is the main outcome?) Measurable (…to increase ROM by 10 degrees) Attainable (is your goal realistic?) Relevant (does your goal matter? Is it a “good” goal?) Time (…reach a 10 degree increase in ROM after 3 treatment sessions)

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