Juvenile Corrections and Treatment Options

Once juveniles enter the system, an intervention team is set up to address the best interests of the child and that child’s future potential. These teams get together to share their professional opinions on what the child needs and are often required to submit a form of presentation report to the judge.As this class progressed, you explored Sarah’s major life events from the age of 5 to 17 years old. Sometimes children get stuck in the system and need court intervention to help them and their families. This means that the youth services professionals who have been working with Sarah all this time may have to come together to provide a recommendation to the court on what is likely to help Sarah the best now that she is a teenager and almost an adult.Judges rely on the information in these court reports as they make their decisions. The court report provides a way to systematically organize pertinent information to give the court a clear mental image of the child’s situation. Based on all of your study and your interactions with your peers throughout this course, you will:Provide a recommendation to the court on what you think should happen with Sarah and her family for the next year until she turns 18,Include any relevant information you learned from your peers throughout this course in their service provider roles.Be sure to address the following in your report:Keys to a Successful Report: The 4 C’s: Clear, Concise, Complete, and Consistent,Child Focused,Current, first-hand, factual information,Written with objective, not subjective observations and statements,Strength-based,Concerns based on information gathered,Recommendations based on Concerns.

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Juvenile Corrections and Treatment Options
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