HCM 34 5 Jou rnal Gu ideline s and Rub ric Journals are private betwee n the stud ent and the instructor. T hese journals are meant to offer you an oppo rtun ity to reflect on real-world experiences related to healthcare administration as we ll as the opp ortun ity to pu t you r cri tical thinking skills to work by expressing you r though ts in r espon se to the qu estion s assi gn ed for you to answer. Sp ecificall y, the following critical elemen ts must be add ressed: • App lica tion of healthcare reimbu rsemen t con cep ts that are relevant to the journal promp t • Personal reflec tion about cou rse content from r eal-world exa mp les you have witnessed, read a bout, experienced, or expect to experience App roach these activities as (a) an opp ortun ity to reflect up on a nd app ly what you learn each we ek based on the assi gn ed reading s, disc ussi ons, and activities, and (b) an oppo rtun ity to share you r kno wledg e a nd expertise based on you r edu cation al and professi onal experiences in the past. As a successf ul professi onal, you will nee d good r eflective and writing skills. Journal activities offer you the opp ortun ity to further develop these skills. Guidel ine s for Sub mission : Sub mit assi gn ment as a Word document with doub le spaci ng , 12-point Times New Roman font, and on e-inch margins. Critical Elements Exemp lary (100 %) Proficien t (85 %) Need s Impro veme nt (70 %) No t Eviden t (0%) Va lue Re imbur seme nt Con cepts Meets “Proficient” cri teria an d uses cou rse resou rces to suppo rt ideas Discusses health reimbu rsement issues an d includ es an accurate an d detailed explanat ion of the key aspects of the top ic Discusses health reimbu rsement issues bu t lacks details pertaining to the key aspects of the top ic Does no t discuss health reimbu rsement issues 40 Reflection Meets “Proficient” cri teria an d uses con crete examples to make conn ection s Includ es a persona l reflection tha t makes conn ection s to current or futu re profession Includ es a r eflection , bu t it lacks details or conn ection s to current/futu re profession Does no t includ e a r eflection 40 Articulation of Re spon se Jou rna l assignment is free of errors in organ izat ion an d grammar Jou rna l assignment is mostly free of errors of organ izat ion an d grammar, which are margi na l an d rarely interrup t the flow Jou rna l assignment conta ins errors of organ izat ion an d grammar, bu t they are limi ted enou gh so tha t the assignment can be und erstoo d Jou rna l assignment conta ins errors of organ izat ion an d grammar, making the assignment difficult to und erstan d 20 Earne d Total 100 %

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