Journal Critique Assignment Instructions

EDUC 721

Journal Critique Assignment Instructions

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Journal Critique Assignment Instructions
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This course is heavily focused on the current issues and trends within special education with a specific focus on research. As such, this assignment affords you the opportunity to examine and analyze different topics in the literature that relates to the current module’s readings. Furthermore, your research in the literature will help you respond to the module’s Discussion Assignment and potentially, your Literature Review Assignment, which is the crux of the course. You should use these journal critiques as a guide to the type of research required for your Literature Review Assignment.


During this course, you will complete 6 Journal Critiques (see chart below). For each critique, you will locate a research article from a professional journal and report on the study’s research question, design, participants, settings, procedure, results, and your personal commentary. You are highly encouraged to find articles that relate to the topic in the chart and assist you in developing your Literature Review Assignment or Discussion thread for the module. All articles must be current (published no more than 5 years ago).

All critiques must use the Journal Critique Template and follow current APA style. Each critique should be between 1 – 2 pages excluding the reference page. In addition, you must include a PDF copy of your article when you submit your critique.

All articles selected must relate to the topics given on the chart below:

Module: WeekJournal Critique TopicJournal Critique Topic Description
Module 7: Week 7AutismAfter reading your text for this module, select a research article related to autism.

You are highly encouraged to use Liberty University’s Online Library services in order to locate your articles. The research portal ERIC is one of the most frequently used data bases for researching education topics. However, Liberty University’s Ebscohost (Academic Search Complete) also provides full-length articles for free.

Below is a list of sample special education research journals:

  • American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilties
  • Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
  • Assessment for Effective Intervention
  • Gifted Child Quarterly
  • Journal for the Education of Gifted
  • Journal of Learning Disabilities
  • Journal of Special Education
  • Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
  • Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
  • Teacher Education and Special Eduation
  • Journal of Early Intervention
  • Remedial and Special Education
  • Learning Disabitlies Quarterly
  • Exceptionality
  • International Journal of Inclusive Education

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