Journal 3 (Week 5)

Journal 3 Week 5 on Gender Identity and Sexual OrientationStudents will be expected to write and submit bi weekly journal entries throughout the course, in which they reflect on diversity issues that we will address during the course. In these reflective entries, students are encouraged to select a diversity issue and elaborate on how their own experiences, discussions, the course readings, and current events relate to these issues. Through the journal entries, students will demonstrate their understanding of the issues discussed and use these ideas and reflections to enhance their own diversity consciousness and awareness. Students will be required to submit journal entries for four (4) weeks of the course, which together count toward 20% of your final grade. Each of the four (4) submitted entries will be awarded up to 10 points. Each entry should be two pages in length. Points will be awarded based on the student’s self-reflection, relevance to diversity, understanding of the topic, and use of complete sentences and proper grammar.


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