It`s Better to Live in a Small Town Than a Big City

Nowadays, People often have 2 selections for their living place. Some people prefer to live in a small town and Others prefer to live in a big city. I think one of the most important decisions that humans have to take is to choose his living place where you can feel more comfortable, more suitable and happier. Personally, I think setting down in a modern big city is more beneficial. Through my essay, I will analyze one of the most important reasons which is Chance of having a better career.
Big cities have a bigger market, companies or corporations are more famous so of course, you can have more chances to found better work. I have a same-age friend. He studies IT in a university in Thai Nguyen city, It’s a city which smaller than Ha Noi capital. He graduated from a famous university but after 1 year in Thai Nguyen he still unemployed Because a number of companies fewer mean you will have less chance. There are too many students graduated from university each year but the number of companies is only slightly increased.
Many students together apply to one company. Having too much CV of employees but employment in the company are limited so maybe you must win hundred of people, who applied together with you in order to have employment in the company and my close friend can’t do that. After that, I advise him to go to Ha Noi to find another chance and he agreed. He went to Ha Noi and applied to some companies. Amazing! Having 3 companies want to contract with him after only 2 months.

He contracted with FPT corporation and work as a Software Specialist about a computer. Now he still works there and feeling very happy when being an FPT’s staff. From this example, we can see that there are more activities in big cities that help people to expose their chance. It is clear from the example that we can have better opportunities in big cities. In a nutshell, I am still positive living in a big city is Hanoi where will allow me to have a better work chance. And I believe that many people will move here for the same reason.

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It`s Better to Live in a Small Town Than a Big City
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