its about business law

In June 2020, the US Supreme Court (the “Court”) issued a landmark opinion in Bostock v Clayton County, Georgia. This homework involves reading and analyzing the opinion of the Court. If you wish to read the dissents by Justices Alito and Kavanaugh and include them in your analysis, you are welcome to but that is not required. In the attached file Download In the attached file, the opinion of the Court (and syllabus or unofficial summary) is contained in the first 37 pages. The text of the Court’s opinion starts on page 5 of the PDF. You do not need to read the entire 172 page document (the dissents follow the opinion of the Court).There is an appendix to Chapter 1 in your textbook that explains how to read and understand case law. While you are not required to provide a full brief of this case for this assignment, you may find that appendix helpful as you prepare your answers to the below questions.To complete your homework, you need to answer the following questions. You response should be submitted as a Word or PDF file. As mentioned during the first week of class, if you wish to submit a draft of your homework for review and comment, you must do that at least 7 days before the due date. Do not forget to spell and grammar check your work. 1. This opinion is actually a opinion consolidating three different cases. Summarize the underlying facts of each case. I’m not looking for a generic statement here. Who are the plaintiffs? What happened to each of them and why did they file a lawsuit? (10 points) 2. For each underlying case (i.e., each of the three cases you describe in #1 above), provide a summary of the procedural history of the case. The procedural history is a summary of which courts have been involved in the case before it got to the Court. Which trial court heard the case and what did it rule? Which appellate court heard the case and what did it rule? Who appealed the case to the Court? (10 points) 3. What underlying law is the Court interpreting in this case? Do not just list the name of the law. Explain the applicable law being interpreted. (10 points) 4. What is the ruling of the Court? Describe not only who won but also the Court’s explanation of why those parties prevailed. (15 points) 5. Why is this case a landmark (groundbreaking) case? (15 points)

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its about business law
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