Israeli music assignment

(Late assignment will be accepted until March 5, for partial credit)

In this assignment we will discuss Musiqa Mizrahit and its struggle for

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Israeli music assignment
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acceptance by Israeli society (Chapters 9 and 10).

• Please answer ALL three questions below separately, listed as 1, 2, and 3.

Do NOT combine them into one paragraph.

• These are short-answer questions.

• Submit as an attached PDF (preferred) or Word document. Do NOT submit

links to Google Docs.

• If you are quoting from the textbook, use In-Text Citation (see MLA In-Text

Citation guide)

• Plagiarism includes copying and pasting from Wikipedia, an encyclopedia, or

any other sources not quoted or cited and paraphrased. It will not be

tolerated, and you will not receive credit for the assignment.

1. Explain how composer Avihu Medina and journalist Adi Masubi have different

views regarding the role of Musiqa Mizrahit in Israeli society? (50-60 words)

2. Bring TWO different explanations by journalists in chapter 10 of why Musiqa

Mizrahit has lost its authenticity? (50-60 words)

3. Looking at the path of Musiqa Mizrahit since its beginning in the 1970s,

through Avihu Medina’s AZIT, and up until singers like Eyal Golan and Sarit

Hadad, WHY has Musiqa Mizrahit both succeeded and failed in achieving its

goals? (50-100 words)


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