ISO Versus CFAI Watch a scenario for background on your Assignment.


Watch a scenario for background on your Assignment. Produce a report by the end of this unit that explores both the ISO and CFAI models. This report should be comprehensive in nature and should examine both the positive and negative aspects of both systems. Many states’ required departments have an ISO inspection on a schedule to be determined by ISO. If your state does not require mandatory ISO inspections, justify if the Fire Department should participate in the ISO inspection process. The CFAI accreditation model is a purely elective process for a department to participate in. At the end of this report, provide a justification on whether the Fire Department should pursue agency accreditation through the CFAI accreditation model. If you have any problems viewing the scenario, download a script of the scenario. Project Directions: There is no specific page length requirement for the report. Please ensure that you fulfill the Assignment requirements within the appropriate number of pages for the Assignment.

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ISO Versus CFAI Watch a scenario for background on your Assignment.
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