Is this appeal to reason

Is this appeal to reason?The book is called” The Immigrant ContributionImmigration plainly was not always a happy experience. It washard on the newcomers, and hard as well on the communities towhich they came. When poor, ill-educated and frightened peopledisembarked in a strange land, they often fell prey to nativeracketeers, unscrupulous businessmen and cynical politicians. BossTweed said, characteristically, in defense of his own depredations inNew York in the 1870’s, “This population is too hopelessly split intoraces and factions to govern it under universal suffrage, except by bribery of patronage, or corruption.” But the very problems of adjustment and assimilation presented a challenge to the American idea—a challenge which subjected thatidea to stern testing and eventually brought out the best qualitiesin American society.

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Is this appeal to reason
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