Address the following in 2-3 pages:Identify and describe 5 different types of specific demonstrative evidence.What can demonstrative evidence be used to show? Explain.Define authentication (Rule 901, Federal Rules of Evidence).What types of evidence must be authenticated? Explain why. How is authentication related to relevance? Explain.Thoroughly explain the process of authenticating both real evidence and demonstrative evidence.How are the processes similar? How are they different? Explain.Specifically, how can the following be authenticated? Explain in detail:Pictorial evidence (photographs, X-rays, videos, and automatic devices)Computer printoutsMaps, models, diagrams, charts, and summariesWhat are the different stages in the evidence chain of custody?Why is the chain of custody so important to successful prosecutions? Explain in detail.Use at least 3 scholarly resources to fully support your responses.Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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