Introduction to Corporate Foresight

ARUP (2017). An Introduction to Corporate Foresight. Retrieved from   Retrieved from

Machiavelli, N., & Wootton, D. (1995). The prince. Indianapolis: Hackett Pub. Co. Available through the Gutenberg Project:       

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Introduction to Corporate Foresight
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N.A. (2010) What is Organization Future Orientation?  Future Orientation Blog. Retrieved from: Please read all five responses to “What is Organizational Future Orientation?” (Visit each and every response).


Paine, N. & Masie, N. (Eds.) (2010).  Learning Perspectives. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

  • Parts 1 and 2 – Re-visit your questions that followed reading part 1 and part 2 in Unit 3

DeCarlo, S (2010, April 21) The World’s leading companies. Forbes. Retrieved from

part 1

How can you help others develop corporate foresight? Based on the DeCarlo article from the required readings, choose one company (McDonald’s, for instance) and describe how this company develops its foresight. List at least two foresights based on Forbes’s analysis (provided, or at least alluded to in the text). An example of a foresight pertaining to McDonald’s could be environmental factors and growing environmental concerns—thus necessitating a stronger involvement in lobbying (indicated by Forbes in growing statistics). Do not forget to read attentively and ensure that each foresight you list is explained.You can answer the above question based on materials provided in this Unit; however, if you need additional information, please do supplementary research on your own. You are expected to apply corporate foresight knowledge to analyze the situation of one chosen company by providing two elements pertaining to corporate foresight. 

  • Minimum of 300-words for your original post, use your own words only and reference your sources.

part 2

Research the Internet to find definitions of the following leadership terms:AikidoSMARTDELPHI AnalysisSWOT AnalysisSTARGROW approach

Please note that your Written Assignment this week has two layers. You have to research the definitions and:

Research the above-mentioned definitions and their differences

Choose an example of a decision that did not bring expected benefits to the described organization, based on readings from previous chapters and/or your own research. Briefly, summarize the wrong decision and its consequences and present an alternative while describing the new decision-making process and listing possible positive outcomes. Please write an essay about your analysis to the task and include also the 6 definitions of the leadership terms that you have researched including a brief summary of the differences.  

The paper should be between 2-3 pages, organized and referenced in accordance with APA format.

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