Interdisciplinary Approach in the Social Sciences.

I will pay for the following article Interdisciplinary Approach in the Social Sciences. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The emphasis of each field is somewhat similar to one or the other. To a layperson, these three fields may seem to be identical. Nevertheless, even though they overlap one another, each is a distinct field of science in its own right. When characterizing the disciplines of sociology, anthropology, and psychology, it is apparent that a certain extent of overlapping of the topics arises (Marginson, 2002). However, there are accurate descriptions that demonstrate the various areas of humanity that are unique to each discipline. This essay presents a critical comparison between the human behavior disciplines of anthropology, sociology, and psychology.

Auguste Comte introduced sociology in the nineteenth century. The insights of Comte about sociology were rooted in his assumptions about political theory, economics, and psychology. He regarded sociology as the most far-reaching social science (Kendall, 2012). Eventually, scholars created different social sciences, particularly anthropology and psychology. Anthropology is a social science that is almost similar to sociology. Traditionally, anthropologists have focused on the exploration of primitive cultures, while sociologists have studied modern, industrial Western societies (Kendall, 2012). Due to the fact that anthropologists focus mainly on small primitive, nonindustrial cultures, they are likely to investigate societies on the whole. On the contrary, sociologists study more specific features of industrial societies, like gender inequality or political changes. Recently, a number of anthropologists have broadened their research to involve examinations of modern societies, studying, for example, cultural features of communities and social groups (Becker et al., 1954). Psychology, on the other hand, addresses emotional and mental functioning and development in individuals. While anthropology and sociology focus on&nbsp.human groups, psychology makes the individual the main unit of its analysis. Psychology and sociology have a certain extent of commonality within the field of social psychology, a discipline that explores the interactions and relationships between groups and individuals.

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Interdisciplinary Approach in the Social Sciences.
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