Integration of business functions

Course: Master’s in business administration
Subject: Integration of business functions

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Integration of business functions
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Topic: For an organisation of your choice write an essay that traces the changes of strategy and strategic direction over the last 10 years. Relate these changes to any changes in strategic leadership, structure, culture, market forces and environment. Your essay should consider the role of the business functions (marketing, operations management, human resource management and accounting/finance) in the success or otherwise of the organisation. Please use the Marking Grid to structure your work.

Ensure you reference your sources properly and proof your work. – Harvard Referencing.

Marking GRID

  • Choice of organisation, explain / justify your choice, provide background on the organisation – 5%
  • Discussion on leadership, time frame and changes and how they have influenced the organisation, organisation responses change – 15%
  • Application of concepts/theories /models. Reflection and critique of concepts/theories/models and application. Analysis using SWOT, PEST, comment on culture, structure – 50%
  • Discussion re role of business functions. Explain how the functions contribute to the organisation, how they support each other. – 20%
  • Essay Structure and referencing – Structure, flow, presentation, academic writing style, evidence of proof reading and use of Harvard style of referencing – 10%


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