Innovation and Sustainability plan

Below is a sample outline of an innovation and sustainability plan, meant as a support as you write your own innovation and sustainability plan. You can use each bullet as a heading. But you can also modify your innovation and sustainability plan, adding and deleting sections as you see fit. I do encourage, however, everyone to use images and illustrations to show what the service will look like and how it will be used.

Anyone that is familiar with standard business plans will recognize the template innovation and sustainability plan. Lincoln University and I are eager to understand how your event planning services will turn into good business. 

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Innovation and Sustainability plan
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You are not required to calculate the financials for your business, which normally is a part of any business plan.

Sample Innovation Plan History of your industry

1.     Executive Summary

·       Summarize your innovation plan and give a short description of your business idea. The summary should answer the questions of what you are selling, how you intend to sell it, who you will sell it too and what is unique about your business idea.

2.     Service

·       Describe your service

·       What possible areas of use are there for your service?

·       Which area(s) of use have you selected and why?

·       What in your service needs further development before your innovation is complete?

3.     Customers

·       Who are your intended customers?

·       What value does your service add to the customer and what need does it fulfill for them?

4.     Market

·       How large is your intended market and what is its growth potential?

·       How will you position your service in the market place?

5.     Distribution

·       How will you quickly spread your service and reach a large audience?

·       What does the value chain look like and which other market participants do you have to interact or cooperate with? What is for instance the negotiating position of your employees? What are the customers’ negotiations in relation to your company?

6.     Competition

·       What is the competitive scene? Are there other companies or services that meet the same need as your service, and if so, who are they?

·       What substitutes to your service are there or could be envisaged?

7.     Conclusion 


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