Informative Presentation Worksheet

Informative Presentation Worksheet Part A: Structure and Timing

Please review the following guidelines for structuring a presentation outline; then use the information to complete Part B below.

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Informative Presentation Worksheet
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Content SegmentContent ElementsEstimated Timing
Introduction: The beginning of a speech typically encompasses these defined elements, though the order of their delivery may vary to improve the overall flow of the delivery.Introduce yourself and your topic.State the purpose of the presentation (thesis).Provide background information or reasoning about why this topic is important to the audience.Use of a “hook” to enhance audience interest and attention.Give a brief overview of topics to be explored.Approximately 15% of the overall required presentation time
Body: The content of a speech should support the purpose of the presentation. Content should be arranged into three or more main points of relevant content or reasoning, and each of the main points should be supported by subtopics that offer the speaker’s own thoughts as well as research that corroborates and strengthens the credibility of the main topic.The order of topic delivery may be based upon chronology or upon relevance with the most important information being presented as the first topic.Topic #1 in support of your purpose.Subtopic ASubtopic BTopic #2 in support of your purposeSubtopic ASubtopic BTopic #3 in support of your purposeSubtopic ASubtopic B25% of the overall required presentation time20% of the overall required presentation time20% of the overall required presentation time
Conclusion: This part of a presentation brings closure for the audience and gives the speaker one last chance to clarify and reinforce important points with the audience.Restatement of purposeSummary of main pointsSharing of insights gainedOpportunity for audience members to ask questions20% of the overall required presentation time

Part B: Structure and Timing

Using the above information as a guide, complete the middle column of this worksheet to create an outline for your Week 2 Informative Presentation.

(If you prefer, you can create the outline as a separate document instead of using the table below.)

Content SegmentMy Custom ContentTiming
Introduction: Write out an opening paragraph with a thesis statement that captures all content elements of a good introduction and meets the time requirement for this segment of the presentation.1-2 minutes
Body: Define three main topics you want to explore in support of your thesis.Conduct research on your main topics to develop your own thoughts and substantiate your views. Organize your thoughts and research into at least two subtopics under each main topic. The outline can be taken to a third level of depth if you want to include detailed information that will help you meet the time requirement for each topic.(This portion of the outline does not have to be written in sentence form. Bullet points are sufficient, as long as the information you list prompts you to go into greater detail while you are speaking.)Topic #1:
Subtopic A:
Subtopic B:
Topic #2:
Subtopic A:
Subtopic B:
Topic #3:
Subtopic A:
Subtopic B:
2-3 minutes2 minutes2 minutes
Conclusion: Consider the type of speech you are giving and write out a closing paragraph that includes all elements defined for a good conclusion and meets the time requirement for this segment of the presentation.1-2 minutes

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