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Industry plan and Marketing plan
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Busi Search is an app that easily and efficiently connects users with businesses in their area. Busi Search allows the user to search for nearby businesses and would direct them to their websites. On this app, paid users would have the ability to search geographical areas for goods and services that other users are actively searching out. This is done by looking through searches on Busi Search and social media, then analyzing what people in the area are seeking out that is not currently available. A user would be able to search an area for a list of the goods and services people are missing the most or a specific business type. Alternatively, a user would also be able to search a business type and the app would locate an area where people are looking for that business. Busi Search contains three tiers of access. These tiers include Tier 1, the free user who would be able to use the app to search for local businesses. A Tier 2 user would be able to access data gathered by searches made in the app. And the last tier being a Tier 3 user would have access to all the data gathered by the app as well as data gathered by social media. Additional data would be purchased from Google. Users would pay a monthly fee based on their tier.

Vision Statement

Make seamless connections between consumer and local businesses.”

Mission Statement

To connect those in need of services with the appropriate businesses in their areas that will ultimately end in a successful transaction of sale or service.”

We want to be the go-to connection maker when it comes to consumers and local businesses, and we want it to be as simple as logging into an app. Also making it easier for local businesses to understand what their consumers are actively searching for in their areas to be able to better serve these individuals.


With everyone turning to online searches and a heavy digital presence for businesses we believe online is the new paperback Yellow Pages. With the increasing amount of people searching online for what they need, our app can optimize this search both by facilitating the connection and with gathering information for the business to better understand what their consumer is seeking out online to better serve them. Our strengths also include the fact that this can be used in any area globally, as well as across the board with products or services. Whether it is the need of a tire shop to replace your flat tire or looking for a new local hairdresser to spruce up your look, Busi Search will seamlessly connect you to those providers.


As with any digital platform we run the risk of technical issues on the app itself. We plan to fix this by having an around the clock IT team available to assist if any sort of glitch may arise. Busi Search also completely relies on the user having an internet connection as well as a mobile phone or computer to be able to access the platform, although most people these days do this could block some users from being able to have access to our services.

Unique and Competitive Advantage

Our unique and competitive advantage is not only the fact that there currently is not any platform out there like this that makes it easy to find all your information in one place, but the fact that we are able to also collect data from these searches and offer it as an aid to businesses who can then have a better understanding of their consumers. With this data collection we are able to help the business owners better cater to the needs of the consumer, while simultaneously giving the consumer exactly what they are searching for in their area. As each tier is used the app is able to improve for both sides of the transaction to better suit everyone.

Trademarks and Copyrights

We will Trademark our company logo “Busi Search” by filing an application through Canada’s Intellectual Property Office. This filing fee is $336.60 CDN and will provide protection for 10 years across Canada. When the 10-year period is over we can apply for an extension of this Trademark for a $125.00 CDN fee. In order to protect the app itself and the material that is stored on the app we will Copyright them with the Canadian Intellectual Properties Office which will cost us a fee of $50.00 CND and will be valid for 50 years.


We will be contacting an app development company for building and designing this intricate app platform. We hope to work with them to make the app fully functional, easy to use and appealing to the consumer. The production of this app is the largest part of the business development, and we expect it to be a lengthy and expensive process and have planned accordingly. The app will be able to offer everything from seeking out local businesses, reviewing search patterns of users as well as advertisements from local businesses on our platform. We will also create a web page for information and advertisement purposes. Users will be able to seek information and assistance both through the app or through the webpage through our customer service and IT teams. This app also requires the consumer to have a mobile device or a computer in order to access the app, as well as a working internet connection.References

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