Individuality & Socialization

Watch​: Devil’s Playground This film follows a handful of Amish teenagers as they break from their past and experiment with drinking, drugs, and driving; this leaves them torn in trying to decide whether they want independence at the sacrifice of losing their families and everything they’ve ever known LINK:​ ​ Respond (answer all 3): 1) Explain one example from the film that demonstrates ​Impression Management (Dramaturgical Approach) — 2) Explain one example from the film that demonstrates ​Looking Glass Self — 3) What are the two ​Agents of Socialization​ you observe in the film that you think are most powerful in socializing what the Amish youth believe and value as what a “successful”, “meaningful” and/or “appropriate” life should look like? – 4). In comparison what are the two ​Agents of Socialization​ you believe have been most powerful in socializing ​your​ beliefs and values as to what a “successful”, “meaningful” and/or “appropriate” life you should be striving for? How has this influenced the individual decisions you’ve made or your ​Looking Glass Self​ up to this point in your life? — You’re graded based on the following 3: 1. Demonstrating understanding of the sociological concepts (in bold). 2. Demonstrating having watched the film by citing examples from it. 3. Providing complete and thoughtful responses


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