Individual Leadership

Individual Leadership Philosophy Paper – Student InstructionsPurpose:The purpose of this paper is to get you to think about leading a team and its members as well as to refresh your writing skills. Since communication is an essential leader attribute, it is important that you are able to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.Task:Develop a paper describing your personal leadership philosophy (format and standards are identified below). Write your paper in the first person; writing in the first person helps you to internalize and visualize your philosophy. A leadership philosophy is as how we see ourselves as leaders. Creating or finding your leadership philosophy means that you reflect on your personal values, belief system, and concepts about leadership. This document also serves as a demonstration of your writing skills and a forum for discussion during other portions of the Basic Course.When reviewing and updating your paper as required, please consider the information you gained from your interactions with your classmates since the beginning of the resident phase of the Basic Course. Your paper serves as a point of clarity for your leadership development. Include your thoughts on your values, attributes, skills, and actions that you deem important when interacting with and leading teams. Remember the paper is about “Your Leadership Philosophy.” It is not an academic essay about an ideal leader.Format Procedures: Please read the instructions carefullyAs you write your paper, be sure to include an introduction, purpose, organization, structure, key points, and a conclusion.Complete your paper in Microsoft Word.Your paper will be double-spaced, 12-pt. font size, Arial or Times New Roman font type, with 1-inch margins.5 paragraph essay on your personal Leadership philosophyContains Introduction (paragraph 1), Body (paragraphs 2, 3, 4), and Conclusion (paragraph 5).Personal philosophy paper helps achieve a clear leadership philosophy that is supported by consistent leader action while building credibility and trust with the leader’s constituents. Additional Information.Each paragraph of your paper will contain the words “I”, “Me”, or “My” (first person). This is YOUR leadership philosophy paper. This also means additional research on leadership may not necessarily be needed since this is your leadership philosophy and not some else’s leadership philosophy.When you are done with your leadership philosophy paper, you should be able to give the paper to your leaders, peers, or subordinates and they should be able to identify the behaviors in the paper that supports your supposition that you are a leader of people.


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