(Individual Assignment) – CD Review 

This forum is graded. Your participation in this forum is required as part of your grade for this assignment. To submit your CD Review, see the week 4 module in the course menu. 

Select your favorite band or musical artist which you have access to a few of their CD’s or albums. Review one of their albums discussing the singer’s/group’s instrumentation, the variety of musical sounds on the CD you are reviewing, the creativity or freshness of the sound for the singer/group. Once you select a group/singer to study, listen to a variety of their work (2 or more albums). Decide which album you want to review for the project (***please do not select “greatest hits” albums for this project***).

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(Individual Assignment) – CD Review 
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  1. Discuss the album as a whole – is it fresh or divergent of past albums by the singer/group? Support your answer with comparisons. (8 points)
  2. Pick at least two tunes to discuss further and analyze them for the “trademark” sounds of the performer. These are the sounds, not the lyrics! (8 points)
  3. Listen to lyrics and see if they are consistent with other pieces. Describe any elements, or quote lyrics, that reflect political, civic, or social issues.  What might have been the artist’s motivation? (5 points)
  4. Why are you drawn to listening to this group? Sell the group as if you are a used car salesman. (8 points)
  5. Compare the group/singer’s sound to another, similar group singer using a musical element discussed in Unit #1 (melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, texture, form, or expressive elements). Suggest your second favorite release by the selected group/singer. (8 points)
  6. Describe how this music is/was used by society. Describe what cultural, political, or societal challenges the artist/band might have faced. (4 points)
  7. Compare and contrast any piece by your performer/group to the recording of “Mora Na Roca (I Live on a Farm) Download Mora Na Roca (I Live on a Farm) Play media comment. ” using a musical element discussed in Unit #1 (melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, texture, form, or expressive elements). What cultural differences can you point out (besides language)? The recording is found in the discussion forum for the CD Reviews. (4 points)
  8. Reply to at least three others’ CD Reviews in this discussion forum. (5 points)  To earn the five (5) points, you will:
    1. Share a story/personal experience about the artist(s) in reply to the peer.
    2. Explain how and why you agree with the peer’s comparison of the artist to either “Mora Na  Roca” or another contemporary artist.  Recitation of facts is not enough. Be critical and reflective to earn the points.
    3. Responses are submitted prior to the due date and time.

You will be expected to submit this assignment here. Additionally, you will need to post this assignment as a new reply in the appropriate discussion forum found in the course CD Review discussion. Review the work of at least three of your classmates and respond with thoughtful comments about their review. You should mention two (2) or three (3) things that you found in each of their reviews that you either agree/disagree with or “resonates with your experiences.”

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