U.S. Constitution

Political Science

Essay Assignment



Your essay should be about 6 pages in length, typed double-spaced.


U.S. Constitution

Choose one of the aspects of politics taught in the course and then analyze it in greater detail, supplementing course sources with outside research.


There are a number of theories, approaches, perspectives, models and paradigms presented in the readings and lectures.  In order to do this essay assignment well, you will need to do some research on the country you choose.  That will involve using academic literature, newspaper and journal articles, and appropriate internet resources.  Please do not use Wikipedia or any other encyclopedia! 
You can access articles any of the other online resources available to all students.  Like an essay for a course, it requires you to argue a thesis drawn from course materials.  Like a term paper, it requires you to do some research beyond the course curriculum in order to supplement course materials.


Remember that you are to write an analytical essay rather than simply a term paper.  Please also recall that your essay should clearly fit within the materials learned within this class.  If it appears that taking this class has added no value to your project, then it will be much harder for me to award a grade that you might prefer to see on your transcript.

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