Office Technologies

Investigate and explain the benefits of using e-technologies to carry out administrative tasks *** PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE *** 

Task 1 (i)

You have to source relevant information from the internet using a range of internet search methods for specific search criteria. You should source three items of information and you should ensure you use the following internet search methods:





Key phrase

· Two Boolean Symbols

You should record your searches on the checklist below and the evidence should be presented at the end of this document. Evidence for this task should be generated by screen shots of the criteria used to find the information, pasted onto this document, and hyperlinks provided from the checklist to the website.


Search criteria

(you will provide 3 search results, show where you have used at least one occurrence for each of

the following – a combination of these may be used in the same search –you should explain each

search and identify where this occurs)

Evidence attached —

search result page

and relevant website


Key phrase

Boolean Symbol 1

Boolean Symbol 2

Task 1 (ii)
Provide a note describing the main benefits of using the internet for sourcing information and explaining the main methods to ensure information is valid.

Provide at least two benefits of using the internet to source information and at least three methods of ensuring information is valid.

Main benefits of using the internet to source information (provide at least two)

Three methods for ensuring the validity of internet sites:


Validation method

Portfolio of Evidence for Task 1 (i) (Screenshots)

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