HW FF may 8th

Needs to be done by Wednsday May 8th at noon. 

Imagine that you work for a firm that does PR and Marketing for fashion houses, and you have an assignment to come up with marketing strategies for a celebrity client’s fashion line. You will need to research your client’s line, brainstorm ideas for how to most effectively market the line, and write a memo to explain your ideas, and then answer the questions in Part 3 of the assignment when you post your memo.

Part 1: Research

Row by Olsen Twins

Choose a celebrity designer’s line that interests you. For a list of some of these lines,

click here

. Use the class lectures, textbook, and Internet to research the needed information. View their collections online, look into the background of the company, and address the following topics:

· What is this person famous for?

· What is their personal style like, and is that style reflected in their line?

· Try to find out how much involvement this person has in the design process of the line, and explain your findings. If you can’t specifically pinpoint this information, make your best guess.

· Describe the general style, theme, and mood of the line.

· Explain the types of silhouettes, fabrics, and construction of the clothing.

· Discuss the price point and intended target market.

Part 2: Brainstorm

· Given the target market and concept of this line, develop and explain at least 2 new and distinct strategies for how to publicize and increase sales for this celebrity fashion line. 

· Format your research and ideas as a memo, and submit your

· Use the MLA format to cite references. Make sure to use correct word choice, spelling, and grammar.

Part 3: Questions for Discussion

· , also answer the following questions .  Your answer should be at least 200 words:

· Do you believe that this person should be called a designer? Why or why not? How would you define a designer? What is the difference between a designer and a “creative director”?

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