Human Resouces Management

Include a minimum of three citations ( NOT per question!!) from your outside resources to support your arguments. Each answer should be robust and developed in-depth. response to each question should be no less than one page and no more than two pages.


1. Define and discuss job analysis. List and describe in detail the steps involved in conducting a job analysis.  Be sure to include a discussion of some benefits and challenges of this technique.

2.  Define and discuss the mentoring process. Describe a typical mentoring relationship. How can mentoring aid women and minorities in their career advancement? 

 3.  Define and discuss in detail the two types of sexual harassment found in the workplace. Your answer should include the actions employers can take to create a legal defense and the actions a person subject to this type of treatment or who witnesses these actions can take.  

4.   Develop an in-depth discussion about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). What are the major requirements of the ADA? How has the ADA impacted both employers and individuals with disabilities? What actions should an employer take to insure compliance with the ADA?

5. Identify and briefly discuss the benefits mandated by federal law. Be sure to include a description of how they are funded. Then discuss in some detail your thoughts about how benefits can be used as a competitive advantage by employers.   

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