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Annotated Bibliography Directions

An Annotated Bibliography is essentially a list of sources you intend to use in your paper much like a Works Cited, except that here, you will also include a 3-5 sentence description that summarizes each source. This description is also known as an “notation.” The Annotated Bibliography is thus an important step in the research process, allowing you to list sources you intend to use for your paper and some brief information about each source. As a step in the research process, completion of the Annotated Bibliography also ensures that your research is nearly complete in advance of the actual Research Paper due date. As you compose your Annotated Bibliography, follow these instructions carefully:

-Check out the Purdue OWL page on Annotated Bibliographies here (

). Note that sample notations can be found here (

), although I am only asking for your annotations to be about half of the length of these samples.

-Once again, you will need to play the numbers game. Your Annotated Bibliography should contain at least
five scholarly resources accessed through the GMC library. Each resource should have a notation of at least 3-5 sentences. This notation should summarize the main argument of the source and explain how this might fit into your own paper.

-The general rubric for the Annotated Bibliography is provided below:

30 points

30 points

Includes at least Five Appropriate Sources

30 points

Quality of Annotations

MLA Formatting

Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

10 points

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