two and half pages paper.

Thesis statement: Xi’an is birth place of Ch


ese nation and representative of the Chinese culture, and also has abundant tourism and famous snack.

Ⅰ.Xi’an old name is Chang’an, it’s one of birthplaces for Chinese nation and eastern civilization.

1. Introduce Xi’an history and important influence in ancient.

2. As capital of dynasty in Chinese history.


Historical function


4. Ⅱ.As top four ancient capitals, Xi’an has abundant tourism resources and particular location.

A. Introduce Qin Shi Huang’s Buried Sculpture Legion

1. The eighth wonder of the world and most early the world heritage list.

2. Function.

B. others

Ⅲ.Xi’an has lot of famous snack, you will really enjoyable meal.

A.Cold noodle is a local dish in southern of China.

1. It’s has about 2000years history

2. Introduce edible methods.

B.Other famous snack such as








1. Introduce.

Conclusion: A city’s history also is a nation’s history. Xi’an by virtue of history and culture become one of Chinese business cards in the world.

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